Bruce Lee statue

Hi everyone !

I’m currently working on the king of kung fu aka the little dragon aka Hokuto no ken aka Fei Long aka …enough , Bruce Lee …

Working with scultp is getting better and better in blender , with the displace and the new shrinkwap modifier it allow nice workflow , 2.48 will be a real big nice release .

Peace :-).

Nice Pose. I am a Bruce Lee fan and look forward to seeing what turns out in this exercise. You may want to attach a larger image - some of those details are begging to be seen up closer!

Looks good, but that looks more like a z-brush red wax material.

Yes you’re right , you can get them here :

Thanks Eclectiel for these !

Peace :-).

I can’t see your picture…:frowning:

I see no image

Ok , the image are back .

Peace :-).

Nice Kaeru :slight_smile:

Hey, nice to see someone is using the material ! It still needs work, but I’m tweaking it in some free times, I hope I’ll get an improved version next time.

Can you sculpt with good performance while using it?

I don’t notice too much difference between “GLSL sculpt” and “no GLSL sculpt” .
Again thanks for your work eclectiel :-).

Some updates on the head :
By kaeru02 at 2008-09-24

The ref image:

And the low poly mesh :
By kaeru02 at 2008-09-24

Peace :-).