Bruce Wayne Sculpture

Created in 2020 - 26 March.
“Bruce Wayne” 3D sculpt by Yuditya Afandi.

Studio/client: character, sculpture
Software: Blender, Photoshop


  • Modelling
  • Sculpting

When: March 2020
Personal project study I did based on Jerad Marantz early Batman design for Batman V Superman ( ) I added a lot of my own touch to the suit. Everything is sculpted and modelled in Blender, rendered in Cycles, Final images composited in Photoshop. Thank you very much for your support! You guys are awesome!

Showcase Video:

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Thank you very much!


That’s overpowered.

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He is the Batman dude.

I know that

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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superb work! very nice modeling, I assume the face is based on Ben Affleck? looks fantastic

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WOW!!! Absolutely fantastic!

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I appreciate it a lot man!

Yes, he is based on Affleck’s face.

Thank you very much man!