Bruce Willis in progress 2

This is my work more advanced, Bruce Willis, I hope your tips!:wink:
This is the current version:

This is the original post.

And retopology

great portrait, clearly likeness! … the ear texture looks a little off, like too much color noise, and color is also a little odd. otherwise wonderful work.


Mother of Pearl! Inspiring! Plus … I like the characters Bruce Willis plays.
Man did you nail the look in his eyes!

You didn’t continue your old thread? I wanted to compare your progress so far but it’s not here…
Anyway, It’s more and more Bruce Willis! Well Done.
Now, the sculpt is pretty solid. It’s a good job. But I think before going to texturing, you should work on the tiny details on the skin first. That will help you basically to create your skin texture.
And as he’s aging and aging well, it’s even easier:

For now, I have the feeling to watch Bruce Willis with a strange latex mask on his face…
The shader needs more tweaks to be credible… I don’t know where you are with it? Is it finished for you or still on the way?


Thanks for your tips, there really helped me!

Looking great!

The good thing about Bruce Willis is that you don’t have to use particle system :smiley:

Hahaha, you are right:D

This is an amazing likeness!

Fancy modelling. Make him a bit tanner.

Yeah! you’re right, he is more tanned…

Please please help me how do you make faces I would love to create one but I just dont know.

When I can, I’ll make tutorials :wink:

a tutorial that explains the essentials and gives quick results:

really cool so far!!!

Yippee ki yay, finished, now just make it move.

wow… thats a great model

maybe the eyes… a little tiny bit closer to center… anyways it is bruce :wink: your first picture was visual more close to bruce in my opinion… great work…!!!

Holy smoking toledos. I couldn’t begin to give you tips on this, its more detailed than and complex than i have ever gone with blender sculpting(i’m an amateur). i have no idea how you got the color in his cheeks or the skin shader looking so realistic… maybe just maybe his head is too long and needs squashing down a touch. All in all you must have amazing patience to get it this far realistic.