Bruce willis in progress

Hi guys!!

This is my new work in Blender: Bruce willis,
Best of all is that he is bald…:smiley:

Now I’m making the retopology
The criticism are welcome!

Excellent, quite strong. Are you planning on unwrapping and texturing?

Yeah, texturing, rig & animation!

You guessed him very well, compliments!


Yeah, my comments are … Could you finish my project? Just because that looks exactly like Bruce!

After seeing your last work, I know that this couldn’t possibly be bad!:wink:

Wow! You really captured him well.

Steve S

I’m not a pro… so no critics from me… :smiley:

Are you planning on modeling the whole body or just the face?

Great job!

You are an expert!!!

Thanks a lot guys!! :eyebrowlift2: I’ll make just head.

lol… You’re model looks more like Bruce Willis than Bruce Willis does.

Fantastic work man, this is astounding. You planning on texturing and rigging it?

The likeness is spot on. Great work!

Very good likeness

It’s already very good! Congrats!!! :slight_smile: