Bruenor Battlehammer

I’m a huge R.A. Salvatore fan and have been meaning to get around to recreating some of his characters for a while now. The problem was that I didn’t want to start in BI and then have the tools I needed become available in Cycles and have to start some of the process all over again. Well, now that I’ve been able to get a decent approximation of SSS in Cycles, and with the unveiling of the new hair patch, I decided that it was time to dive in. So here are the first test render of the character that will become Bruenor Battlehammer, king of the dwarves of Mithril Hall. Hope you enjoy! I’m excited to dive head first into this project and post my progress here. Base modeling was done in Blender, sculpting in ZBrush, and texturing in ZBrush as well.

Looks pretty good so far, i didnt know Cycles had SSS already, what is your node set up? Very detailed texturing gj on that.

The first (of many, I’m sure) hair test. Interesting enough, it was actually faster than the render without it. Guess SSS is harder to calculate than hair. I’ll post the SSS shader when I’m happy with it, it definitely still needs some tweaks :stuck_out_tongue:

Much better already!

This will end up as part of the banner here one day.

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

It’s bound to happen.

Some progress made with the hair and a first helmet test.

Lol must, have, nodes for sss and hair!

Gj so far, i got no critiques, except that you can see the individual hair strands stuck in the face…maybe darken the texture a bit in those areas, to make the transition smoother?

I’ll post SSS nodes eventually! Don’t worry! For hair, there are no nodes right now. Just an aniso shader in the fist picture and a simple diffuse shader in the others.

Making progress. I have a new hair material that’s a mix of diffuse and translucent that I like. Also added eyebrows and eyes. I scrapped the helmet, didn’t like the way it was looking. I’ll start on a new one later, might start working on his axe next though.

Finally had a chance to work on this again after a couple days of working on tutorials and some other projects. Got burnt out on working on the helmet so I decided to dive into the weapon instead. It’s not done yet, still needs some texture touch-ups, leather wraps, etc. but I’m happy with the progress.

Did some work on a second axe idea yesterday. I think I like the design better, but it still needs some tweaking. It just seems much more “Dwarf-like” than the first one, I think.

I agree with you, I prefer this one. Amazing job, in any cases !

I really liked your project, especially since I saw the hobbit yesterday, heheh. But I think you should improve the anatomy of the face, eyes and nose Mainly. The hair is getting very good, I know… you’re doing yet, would be even better with translucency and specular. Keep posting …

Didn’t have a ton of time to work over the holidays, but I finally got back and jumped into working on some more accessories. An early turnaround of the shield can be seen at