Brünnehilde - Motorcycle Game


Brünnehilde is an electric motorcycle design I’ve been working on for a few months now. The plan was for it to be a showcase item for my portfolio, however recently I really got a hankering for playing a motorcycle game - my brother and I love them. My brother also asked me to model some race tracks that he had drawn up. From there it kind of snowballed: I had some tracks, I had a bike, I had some ideas on how to make a motorcycle focused game, I WANTED to make a motorcycle focused game. So, here it is.


Here is a video of the current progress regarding solely the basic riding mechanics and minimal physics:

There are still some minor things I need to sort out vis-a-vis the bike’s interactions with ripple strips. You may see in the video, the 5th corner ripple strip seems to “tip” the bike violently, that’s just the handler object of the bike aligning to the ray hit normal as it picks up the rim of the strip.

My plans:

I’m thinking, at the moment, some sort of dark, Cyberpunk, science fiction deal. Free roam, not too complicated, ofcourse, maybe shooting and combat. I’ve totally lost at this point, I’m just trying to get the main game mechanic polished and move onto planning what to do with it.

Thoughts, ideas, contributions, criticisms; all are welcome. I’d love to hear anyone’s ideas.

cool :slight_smile:

I a motorbike rider/instructor when I’m not making games. If you want some direction on making the riding more realistic/accurate let me know :slight_smile:

Wow, I’ve been trying to do something like this for a long time. Good luck :smiley:

Is the bike electric?

looks promising, keep it up ! ^^

Thank you very much, I will.

If you would like assistance, or to use the code, I’ll be glad to give all the code to you.

Thank you, but I’m planning on only making it very minimal and arcade-y. The only thing I’m going to be adding is suspension effects, and they will be mostly superficial. And for those I have my brother’s ZX-10R to ogle and observe. But thank you for the offer anyway.

My reccomendations:

Add some sort of side slip. Try making it slide a bit dependent on few factors.

Add weight-transfer and slip-ratio releated equations for laterial transfer and if the grip(slip ratio) isn’t enaugh to hold the weight - make the ride fall down.

Add aerodynamical drag(in game engine resources I have a demo of it. You can adjust values to fit the motorcycle.

I like how it looks so far;)

In the early stages I thought about doing those exact things, I even had a fairing which I was going to include in the aerodynamics. I was planning on using downforce for the nose and the windscreen. But at this point I’m going to make it simple and arcade-like, so that it’s not too difficult to play. I’ve actually set it up for use with keyboard and mouse. Since W is accelerate, there is no dynamic input; Since I can’t feather the acceleration (it’s only on or off), it would be VERY difficult to incorporate controllable slip.

Thank you, though, for your recommendations. I might actually look into controller input for dynamic throttle control later. Then I’ll be making a simulator, with all the bells and whistles (real physical suspension, tire rubber physics, lateral inertia, braking inertia, crashing).

Llooks Great man Keep up the Good work. Nice Job on the physics and the Graphics.

Thanks man.

Update: Starting work on the city level, improved textures and lighting optimised sunlamp shadows.

Really cool. Those atachments are not visible, though.

Yeah I really have no idea how to fix that, I think I’ll use dropbox.

Edit: Another Update: Prototyping the all new, all original suspension system

Great work! I’m a little worried about what direction the gameplay can take, given the size of your team, but it sounds like this is a hobby project at the moment, so it should be okay to take it one step at a time.
Oh - I also really like the use of color in the environment - very nice!