Brush along path?

No? Shiiiii…

Paint Brush along a curve ? Yes

What about sculpt

Cause you know, precision úber alles.

It works the same for sculpt, select the brush you want to use and change the type of stroke to curve.

That would be great if it could be done using an existing curve.
@julperado. If I remember correctly, you had an addon to do something like that?

@YAFU I don’t know about any addon to sculpt with curves… that screenshot is regular Blender. :slight_smile:

Oh you can?
But yeah, its only half the fun if you could not use existing curves!!!

Oh, I had mistaken. It was “ohsnapitsjoel”. And it was with Grease Pencil. I think the addon is no longer compatible with new versions of Blender.

Since we have the ability to convert GP strokes to curve, and now we can draw curves on surfaces, really would be very useful to use an existing curve.

That 3dCoat demo posted by @ohsnapitsjoel looks amazing!

It would be nice to see the curve functionality improved to achieve something like that :smiley:

Another extremely useful thing, now that we’re at it, would be the ability to create an array from a mesh using the same curve. Something like this:


@blurymind had mentioned some of that in this thread:

Not the fact that the sculpting mode will be needed when the object nodes will be integrated in Blender 2.8:

@Ko. Can you explain a little bit? I fail to see how the video you posted has anything to do with curve sculpt, or with the use of curves to duplicate a mesh on a surface… :spin: