Brush falloff in painting mode...i don't get it

Every brush falloff looks almost the same. What do I do if I want an airbrush falloff like zbrush does? Every stroke is hard edged no matter what setting I use the in falloff panel. How can anyone paint like this?

I tested this right now (still using 2.81 – I might have to upgrade this week)

2020-02-21 19_13_55-Blender

Is this what you would expect?
Have you got a test case from ZBrush?

Yes, that the result you get when you drop one spot of paint…but not the result you get when painting a stroke. It all blends together into a hard stroke.

There’s a stroke method called Airbrush. I wouldn’t describe any of the marks I made hard strokes.

Speaking of the Airbrush stroke:neutral_face:

And speaking of soft falloff. :slightly_smiling_face:

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TBH I’m not sure whether the original poster is talking about sculpting or texture painting or both. He mentioned ZBrush which is most commonly associated with sculpting and not painting yet this post is in the Materials and Textures area.

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Talking about painting. Even in airbrush mode the strokes are not soft enough. This isn’t a subtle problem. The difference between blender and zbrush is pretty significant in this area. Zbrush allows for soft, smooth blended paint strokes. Blender looks like garbage. You could ask why don’t I just paint in zbrush… But I’m using udim uv maps.

Not for me…

Pretty clear difference between smooth and constant falloff.

Note that you can edit the curve to provide any kind of falloff you want, if smooth isn’t to your taste.

Bandages, your top stroke is not acceptable for me. Even at a lower opacity it would still be too hard. I guess soft is a relative term depending on who you are and what you’re used to.

i made an example to show what I’m talking about. Look at the smooth blend in the zbrush example. And that’s using the just the mouse. By the way, I’m layering strokes over one another to feather a blend outward from dark to light. That’s basic texture painting stuff.

Look at the blender example…that’s the best I could do to emulate the zbrush example, and I was using my expensive drawing monitor with pressure sensitivity. See the difference in softness? It was super easy to do that in zbrush. There is nothing in the painting realm of Blender which looks like an airbrush.

the difference is like a slap in the face when I’m using it. I realize it’s unfair to compare Blender to zbrush as far as depth of painting features go, but this is the basic stuff that needs to be right in order to paint

A slap in the face!

If you want different falloff, use a custom curve and change the falloff curve.

There’s no custom setting of the curve that gives anything anywhere near zbrush. That’s what I’m trying to get across… These paint strokes are shit. I’ll bring it up to the developers but I wonder if they’re even aware of what constitutes decent painting, otherwise we’d be able to make smooth blends easily.