Brush Manager for Blender 2.83+ [Sculpt, Image Paint, Vertex Paint, Weight Paint, Grease Pencil]

Brush Manager is an add-on for Blender that helps you to create custom brushes, store them in a file and organize the library of various categories of brushes.
It also has themes for brushes preview and this add-on makes easy to apply a new themed icon for your newly created brush and for existing brushes as well.

Supported Blender version: 2.83+ for Linux/Windows


  • Download
  • Open Blender and select Edit->Preferences
  • Click Add-ons category and then ‘Install…’ button
  • Select the downloaded file
  • Check the ‘Brush Manager’ option in the add-ons dialog


Here is the link for free Orb Stylized Brushes


Main UI Panel:

Main UI Panel with the search filter turned on:

Menu of the Brush Manager with various operations:

Add-on Preferences:

Icon Themes:

Change Log:
Brush Manager 1.2.0

  • Added Support of Image Paint and Grease Pencil Draw modes with new UI layout for these modes.
  • New Preference Setting ‘Hide Preview Frame’ for Sculpt mode, that hides the brush preview frame, to make UI layout the same look, as its like in other modes.
  • Preference Setting Layout has been changed and organized with the rolled out sections.
  • New Preference Setting ‘Persistent Keymaps’ help you keep the same user defined keymaps when the app template has been loaded.
  • New Preference Setting ‘Hide Annotate Tools in Popup’, now you can hide or unhide Annotate tools in the tools list.
  • New Preference Setting ‘Close Popup on Tool Select’, if turned on (On by default), then close popup windows when brush or tool have been selected.
  • New Brush buttons design that can be added to quick favorites builtin menu. Now they correctly represent active selected brush in the current context.
  • Now Brush Manager Preference Settings can be saved in json file and later loaded with the help of new operator buttons, that are located in the preference settings.
  • Added search bar filter in ‘Add to Favorites from Category List’ popup.
  • Added ‘Add All the Rest’ operator in ‘Add to Favorites from Category List’ popup.
  • Changed add-on category location in the Preferences from ‘Sculpting’ to ‘Interface’.


Brush Manager 1.1.7

  • Added Sculpt Tools to the popup window.
  • Added new header to the popup window. The header contains three new buttons:
    ‘Tools’ - Show/Hide the sculpt tools.
    ‘Brush Tools’ - Show/Hide the sculpt brush tools.
    ‘Settings’ - Show preference settings of the Brush Manager add-on in a separate window.
  • Menu button moved to the Header in the popup window.
  • New Preferences settings:
    ‘Hide Header in the Popup Window’ - Hide header buttons in the popup window and move them into the Menu. Buttons will be moved to the Menu and the Menu button to the popup layout.
    ‘Show Tools in Popup’ - Show tools by default in the popup window.
    ‘Brush Tools in Popup’ - Show brush tools by default in the popup window.
    ‘Popup Max Tool Columns’ - Set a maximum number of the columns for tools in the popup window.
    ‘Wide Popup Layout’ - Let Tools to show on the right side of the popup layout.
    ‘Wide Popup Layout Size’ - Scale the size of the popup layout.
  • New possibility to hide particular brush tools that have been added to Default Brushes list section of Preference settings.
  • Menu buttons ‘Apply Custom Icon Theme’, ‘Auto Apply Theme to the Selected Brush’ and ‘Force to Apply Theme to the Selected Brush’ removed from the menu and now can be switched through ‘Settings’.
  • Add to the Favorites from the Category List: Exclude brushes from the category list that are already existing in the Favorites, prevents to accidentally append duplicate brushes.
  • Fixed unable to select the brush tool if the none - brush tool is currently active.
  • Other small fixes.


Really amazing idea
Ill definitely download that [ after i learn sculpting ]


Thanks :+1: Its easy enough if you know what do you want to sculpt :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you ! Looks interesting to try !

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Thanks, you are welcome :slightly_smiling_face: Let me know if you need any clarification about menu operations, for instance when you saving brushes or loading from a file you can exclude the default brushes. There is an option at the right side of the file view window.

Just a thumbnail :grinning:

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Would be nice pop up brush selector like Zbrush with space bar


Really good addon! Thank you!

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Great suggestion, for now python API is pretty limited for such a thing as far as I know of. I saw some future development in that regard, probably in 2.90 it will be possible. Anyways I’m gonna look for that possibility with the current python tools more deeply.

You are welcome, have a nice sculpting.

lovely tool …l hope this video helps
My one suggestion would be the ability to keymap or quick favorite the brush menu so in turn this would act very similar to zbrush


Thanks, Steven! … I’m working on it :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have a twitter account?
I posted about it and people loved. I’d like to show people the real developer of the addon.
Here is the post

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I’m not using Twitter, sorry. Glad they like it :+1: Thanks, and no worries its all good.

Change Log:

Brush Manager 1.0.5

  • First implementation of the Popup menu with a hotkey (Alt + Space)( I’m still looking forward towards Blender 2.90 release. I hope there will be a new possibility in python API for a better version of the brushes palette.
    Here you can change the hotkey if it has already using by another add-on:

Have a nice sculpting :slightly_smiling_face:


… and a new Preference setting:bm_popup_setting



i really wanna to install that addon but when i tried to activate it this panel shown i do not know how to solve it can help me please ?

In your case you need to follow the installation video. You can name it as file add-on is called, for example if this file is called then type in this line Addon_Name = “Brush_Manager”, but its not appropriate way because you copied into root folder of the Blender addons. It should be placed inside the Brush_Manager folder with its content like …addons\Brush_Manager\

If you already had installed previous version of this add-on then simply remove it then save preferences(important) and install it as it says in installation description.

Have a nice day :+1:

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i renamed it in its location to Addon_Name = “Brush_Manager” and it works well thank you alot for that help and that great addon

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Brush Manager 1.0.7

  • New function added to save the Favorites list to the current file. (On Save include the favorites brushes to the current file data and memorize the current favorites list)
  • Small fixes.

Menu operations added:


That way you can save the list state on demand if new preference setting has not been turned on.

Preference setting for auto saving the favorites list on file save:


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