Brush Manager for Blender 2.83+ [Sculpt, Image Paint, Vertex Paint, Weight Paint, Grease Pencil]

Brush Manager 1.0.8

  • Moved keymap for popup into the ‘Sculpt’ mode section. Now you can assign ‘Spacebar’ key only for Sculpt mode to override Preference keymap setting and it will not interfere with other modes that uses Spacebar Action ( Play, Tools, Search )
  • Added keymap menu to the add-on preferences from within Blender Keymap settings.

Please, leave a like or comment if you want that Brush Manager would have a support of Grease Pencil brushes.

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I checked out quickly Brush Manager yesterday and that looks like it offers much needed features. If the Brush Manager doesn’t support yet Paint Brushes (texture paint), I would prefer that above Grease Pencil Brushes, but of course, Grease Pencil brushes are also awesome.


Brush Manager 1.0.9

  • Fix ‘Paint’ brush listing in 2.90 if experimental feature is turned off for the Sculpt Vertex Colors

  • Other small fixes

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I might be mistaken, but I can’t seem to get brushes with a procedural texture map to work correctly. Only brushes with a raster alpha show up. Is this something that you’ll be working on in the future?

This add-on is amazing by the way.

Edit: Ignore me! I got it working with a procedural texture, it was just user error. Thanks again for the superb add-on.

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Brush Manager 1.1.2

  • Added new Preference setting ‘Popup Window Width’ that scale the size of the popup window width.
  • Added new Preference setting ‘UI Panel Default Closed’ that register the UI panel closed by default. (Important) In order to use it properly startup file have to use factory settings for the Brushes panel
  • Added new Preference setting to load the Favorites at startup from the specified file if that list is empty in the loading file
  • New menu popup operator ‘Add to the Favorites from the Category List’ that helps you to pick specific brushes from the popup Category list to append them to the Favorites list
  • New menu option ‘Edit the Favorites List’ that displays remove button next to the favorite brushes. That way you can quickly remove unnecessary brushes from the list
  • Fixed custom icon being ignored if it has relative file path.
  • Improved the Refresh button that refreshes category list icons and now for the Favorites list also
  • Other small fixes

( Important! Don’t use relative path while setting up startup Favorites file in the File Browser )

‘Add to the Favorites from the Category List’ popup:

Edit the Favorites List:

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There is an update with a quick hotfix for Blender 2.83 panel registration. Re download please if you consider to use Brush Manager for that Blender version. E-mail has been sent for all customers.

Brush Manager 1.1.4

  • Updated the Default list of brushes for Blender 2.91. Added to themes new icons for new ‘Boundary’ and ‘Multires Displacement Eraser’ sculpt brushes.

  • Added new menu operation that loads the Startup Favorites list from the specified file in the add-on preferences.

  • Fixed the Default list when scripts have been reloaded

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Brush Manager 1.1.5

  • Now properly displays all brushes in the preview category when a corresponding folder contains multiple .blend files
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Brush Manager 1.1.7

  • Added Sculpt Tools to the popup window.
  • Added new header to the popup window. The header contains three new buttons:
    ‘Tools’ - Show/Hide the sculpt tools.
    ‘Brush Tools’ - Show/Hide the sculpt brush tools.
    ‘Settings’ - Show preference settings of the Brush Manager add-on in a separate window.
  • Menu button moved to the Header in the popup window.
  • New Preferences settings:
    ‘Hide Header in the Popup Window’ - Hide header buttons in the popup window and move them into the Menu.
    Buttons will be moved to the Menu and the Menu button to the popup layout.
    ‘Show Tools in Popup’ - Show tools by default in the popup window.
    ‘Brush Tools in Popup’- Show brush tools by default in the popup window.
    ‘Popup Max Tool Columns’ - Set a maximum number of the columns for tools in the popup window.
    ‘Wide Popup Layout’ - Let Tools to show on the right side of the popup layout.
    ‘Wide Popup Layout Size’ - Scale the size of the popup layout.
  • New possibility to hide particular brush tools that have been added to Default Brushes list section of Preference settings.
  • Menu buttons ‘Apply Custom Icon Theme’, ‘Auto Apply Theme to the Selected Brush’ and ‘Force to Apply Theme to the Selected Brush’
    removed from the menu and now can be switched through ‘Settings’.
  • Add to the Favorites from the Category List: Exclude brushes from the category list that are already existing in the Favorites, prevents to accidentally append duplicate brushes.
  • Fixed unable to select the brush tool if the none - brush tool is currently active.
  • Other small fixes.


Brush Manager 1.2.0

  • Added Support of Image Paint and Grease Pencil Draw modes with new UI layout for these modes.
  • New Preference Setting ‘Hide Preview Frame’ for Sculpt mode, that hides the brush preview frame, to make UI layout the same look, as its like in other modes.
  • Preference Setting Layout has been changed and organized with the rolled out sections.
  • New Preference Setting ‘Persistent Keymaps’ help you keep the same user defined keymaps when the app template has been loaded.
  • New Preference Setting ‘Hide Annotate Tools in Popup’, now you can hide or unhide Annotate tools in the tools list.
  • New Preference Setting ‘Close Popup on Tool Select’, if turned on (On by default), then close popup windows when brush or tool have been selected.
  • New Brush buttons design that can be added to quick favorites builtin menu. Now they correctly represent active selected brush in the current context.
  • Now Brush Manager Preference Settings can be saved in json file and later loaded with the help of new operator buttons, that are located in the preference settings.
  • Added search bar filter in ‘Add to Favorites from Category List’ popup.
  • Added ‘Add All the Rest’ operator in ‘Add to Favorites from Category List’ popup.
  • Changed add-on category location in the Preferences from ‘Sculpting’ to ‘Interface’.



Brush Manager 1.2.3

  • Added support of Weight Paint, Vertex Paint, GPencil Vertex Paint modes.
  • Now in the Settings you able to hide a specific non-brush tools in the popup window.
  • Now popup window does not depend on Texture Paint context mode if you want to work in the Image Editor Paint mode.
    Its not the best idea, but to have the ability to call popup window from Object mode, for instance, should be there.
  • Now the current category of brushes will stay the same for each mode from the moment that you left, while switching modes.
  • Better handling of icon assignment while switching modes (If you had stumble upon on unwanted behavior, then updating is recommended).
  • Overall code improvement and several small fixes.

I got this error when trying to enable the addon

  File "F:\Backup\01Blender\Builds\Main\2.92\scripts\modules\", line 382, in enable
  File "C:\Users\Nikola\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\Brush_Manager-master\", line 54, in register
  File "C:\Users\Nikola\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\Brush_Manager-master\", line 3758, in register
    update_panel(None, bpy.context)
  File "C:\Users\Nikola\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\Brush_Manager-master\", line 2229, in update_panel
    prefs = context.preferences.addons[Addon_Name].preferences
KeyError: 'bpy_prop_collection[key]: key "Brush_Manager" not found'

I’m using latest nightly 2.92 version

Hey, please, download it from this link, and install it as it says in description or you can watch the installation video. The archive that you downloaded from ‘Code’ button in the github page does not meant to be as installation file. There is a release section, and download button, that you can use in the future. Best regards.

Nice addon. Very helpful. Is it possible to overwrite an already created brush?

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Thanks. Did you try to delete their data first? I’ll think about an option to make that as automated process in the future release, but I’m not currently sure when it would happen.

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Brush Manager 1.2.5

  • New popup editor for the Library Categories. You can access it from the menu with ‘Edit Brushes from Category’ operator. Editor window contains the brush list of the corresponding category and a several new operations, that helps you to edit some properties of the selected brushes.
  • Operator ‘Refresh Brush Data’ for the category editor, that can refresh the selected brushes data and return to the settings of their library files.
  • Operator ‘Save Brushes’ for the category editor, that helps you to save a specific list of the selected brushes from the active category. Easy way to pick and save some brushes from various appended libraries that could be listed in the Current File category. That way you don’t have to mess around with the favorites list.
  • Operator ‘Delete Brush Data’ for the category editor, that deletes the brush data of the selected brushes.
  • Operator ‘Change Icon Folder Path’ for the category editor, that changes a folder path to the same custom icon file name of the selected brushes in the edit list. Basically helps you to relocate missing icons to the new path.
  • Operator ‘Switch Custom Icon’ for the category editor, that turns on/off custom icons of the selected brushes in the edit list.
  • Operator ‘Switch Fake User’ for the category editor, that can applies/removes fake user of the selected brushes in the edit list.
  • New theme icons for Multires Displacement Smear in Blender 2.92.
  • New options to ‘Overwrite’, ‘Auto Rename’ or ‘Skip’ for duplicates while appending from a file to the favorites.
  • Appending to the Favorites no longer produce duplicates with the same name.