Brush, material loaded on start up

Hi, someone know if there is a way to have a collection of brushes or material preset, or somthing else(preset), loaded on start up without load the texture or material, and use save user settings?? like, each time blender blender start, it scan a directory where brush are saved and load them?

You should open the default file, then Append any items you have from other Blender Files, like Brushes, Materials, etc. and then go to User Preferences and hit Save as Default. This will make this your default scene every time Blender launches. It also loads all those assets into memory if I’m not mistaken. This is also the time to go through and enable any add-ons you always want enabled.

i already know this, the problem is that if i run blender the next time, and in the directory there are new brush, i’ve to repeat this… so there is no other way right?