Brush mode: how do I exit it?

I was doing a couple of quick things without my glasses on and I’ve done something to a mesh.

The mesh, when selected, is white-ed out. My Tools panel says “Brush” and gives me colour options. I cannot delete the mesh by pressing “X” or “Delete”.

The cursor is a circle and I cannot select other objects or delesect the mesh.

Have you tried changing back to edit or object mode on the 3d view header.

Thanks Richard.

I solved it by typing every key until I found the one that put me out of the brush mode, which IIRC was the V-Key.

Curse these spammers: this thread was awaiting moderation for some days so obviously I was unable to access the thread to post my solution for others who might have also been stuck. Also, the major benefit of this forum is the speed with which one gets answers on silly little problems like this. If we have to wait for moderation, it tends to take that away. Must be a pain for the moderators, too.

Why would this thread await moderation ?
The only reason would be if you originally posted in the Support / Tutorials forum where all threads are moderated.
You wouldn’t have posted there anyway since that forum is for completed tutorials only not for support questions like this

Oh, ok.

I saw that the site was down due to spammers and, because my posts hadn’t ever been held over for moderation before, I assumed the two were connected.

As you were, then! My bad for posting in the wrong forum. :frowning: