Brush modeling?

Is there any brush modeling tool? Like a tool from a terrain editor, to use on a tesselated plane to rise or smooth heights? Or like a brush from zbrush? I need it to model terrain and cave walls.

For terrain I know I can do it with a height map image, and the cave walls would be possible with a “cave” mesh or something, but I wander about a brush mode.


Yes its called sculpt mode. You can switch to it with the modes button on the header bar of the 3D window, it should say object mode or edit mode. Click on that and you ca switch into sculpt mode.

and a cool thing about sculpt mode is that it can actually use brushes! if you import a picture file to a Texture in blender, or create a procedural texture, you can use that texture AS a brush, as a brush that exists in 3d space (for procedurals) or as a 2d projection, for fine detail work and for stenciling.

Thanks! I’ll try it tonight.