Brush size proble in sculpt mode

I don’t what happened, but now in sculpt mode the brush is always in the same size, like a little spot, despite changing de diameter, the type of brush and the alpha channel. I tried to change in the menu>brush the option “unified size”, but is still doing the same. I apply scale over the object too, if there is a problem with an old scale, and still the problem persist. My blender is the 2.71 version. Hope someone help me ! Thanks!

Show what it’s like after you have applied the scale
What brush falloff are you using

Please supply a link to a blend file that shows the problem

Applying the rotate & scale over the object the result is the same, nothing change…

I put an image of the current falloff curve and the effect over the mesh. I attach too the .blend file.

the blend file:!155

Show what it’s like after you have applied the scale
Your latest screenshot still does not show the scene after you have applied the scale

After applying the scale it works as expected

It works! I don’t know how I applied the last time the scale over the object…this time works fine. Sorry for the mistake and thanks!