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Hi Guys,

I just want to ask a question. Is it possible to have the sculpt brushes appear in a new window? It would be easier for me to just select the brushes than to go the brush icon and open the library and have to scroll up or down to find the desired brush.

from this–>

to this–>

let me know if this is possible. thanks!! :slight_smile:

Not without someone writing a script to do so.
You can take a screenshot of the brushes put into an image viewer window to use as a reference when you use the number shortcuts to select the appropriate brush

You can use Pie Menus to get something very similar to that. Even more useful in a sense.

You can see a screenshotof my Pie Menu for SculptBrushes.
If you want to create something like that, you can cannibalize my script. If you download that setup, in the “2.76\scripts\addons” folder “” is the script that enables the SHIFT+MMB (Object, Edit, Sculpt context sensitive PieMenus).
I don’t know python, and don’t code, I basically made that by reverse engineering Wazou Pie Menus Addon (you should check that out as well!). So you should be able to reverse engineer my script as well, it’s not too long. Basically you need to kill the other 2 Pies, leave just the SculptPie and change the Brushes to fit your needs :slight_smile:

Or this, found about it today, haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say if it’s bug free and easy to use.: