Brush working distance

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I have a question. Is it possible to set the brush in the Sculpt mode so that it works / affects only a specific distance? For example. I have a Grab brush and I can only draw polygons a distance of, for example, 10 mm ?

I’m not an expert, but try this:
In the header of sculpt mode, click on the brush settings drop down and change radius unit to scene (instead of view.)

Now the brush radius will be measured in scene units (m by default.) You can enter numbers with units and Blender will do the conversion for you- e.g. enter 10mm → 0.01m automatically.

Then play with strength and fall off to get the result you want.

Hello and thanks

I would like the Grab brush to be usable only up to a certain point, so that its action stops.

Oh, limiting in the normal direction. Maybe this applies Capping height of vertices in sculpt mode?

Yes, looks like layer brush does what you want:

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Thank You for You help. I solved my problem with texture with I add to brush :slight_smile:


Nice! I’ve been meaning to look into sculpting textures; is it easy to specify the max height/scale of the texture, or is there still some guess work?

I used bloob brush and I add my own texture and Its work exactly like I want. But with this layer is also great idea.
One more time thanks.