Brushed aluminium + denoiser

What do you do if you want to have a rough finished surface and also use the denoiser?

Anyone have any tips for this or are the those things incompatible with eachother?

Are you using 3.0? There were some significant improvements.

Yes… a material that looks like this in the shading viewport:


And like this without denoiser, 1000 samples (though I do even here see a milder difference):


Became this after render with denoiser, 1000 samples:


Perhaps it’s my material, though? But it’s a very simple setup:


Either way, any tips would be appreciated…

Here’s another thread we had about this. At that time, there was a bug in 3.0 Alpha that prevented the selected options from taking effect, but that was quickly fixed.

Have you tried the Optix denoiser option to compare with if that’s available to you?

How to denoise in 3.0 to remain fine bump details - Support / Lighting and Rendering - Blender Artists Community

Yes, I’m using OptiX on a 3090.

Oidn is better for this. Optix is best for viewport. Could you send the file? I’d love to check how multi-pass denoising does with this.

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Sometimes I want to retain some of the noise, and will use cryptomatte to separate out the material/object that will use a different mix of denoised/noisy image.


The model is a customer CAD model so I can’t share it, but this is the material and I’m just experimenting with scales now… (the distance is 0.0001 currently, and that’s why it weirdly says what is says in the node…)

Yeah, I’m starting to suspect that this is the solution… a bit finicky, though, but what isn’t in Blender? :slight_smile: