Brushed Steel Anistotrophy Black

Hi guys

How would you go about creating this material in Blender cycles?

It is sold as black steel material. From the front it looks like a regular brushed steel but it’s anisotrophy is black i think…

You could try a PBR texture- this one, for example, you could mix some black into the base color:

Do you have any decent reference image? Or better yet, video? There is no such thing as “black anisotropy”, it’s only a reflection being stretched from tiny grooves, machining, or polishing marks in the surface. And from there, is it real metal (does the real metal turn brighter when you scratch it), have an oxidation layer on it, other form of treatment, or simply brushed plastic? My initial guess would be just to darken the colors going into anisotropy shaders fresnel mixed with a dark diffuse if dielectric.

Something like this?

Without holding the object and observing how it reacts to light from different angles, it’s just guesswork. But the above would be my initial approach anyways. Neither GGX or Beckman aniso works great in Blender - although for your purpose GGX alone might work just well since it looks so rough - as GGX can’t create large amount of stretching on a very polished surface, and Beckman can produce very good stretching but only from actual lights. Together they can sell the idea, but it’s far from accurate.

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