Brushes in a glass

Just a quick and simple scene using some AO, Ray Transp, Ray Mirror, particle hair for the bristles.

I was really surprised with the quality of this render, as it was done with Blender’s internal renderer. It was the only way I could get a transparent background and get the hair to render. I had to tweak some of the finer details on the Shaders and Mirror Trans tabs to get the lighting just right.

I would love to get some good pointers on getting nicer blender hair for the bristles. There’s not a lot of information out there regarding that kind of thing.


BI can suprise people! It is not a bad renderer after all. Nice render!

As for the hair,you could add a clouds texture,with a low scale to give it more detail,because now it looks like it’s just a block with a blend texture :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll try it!

Also maybe brush the hair a bit? Make it no so perfect, and maybe reduce the thickness and/or population of hair.

Thanks everyone for the tips. I especially liked the bit about brushing the hairs. I think it turned out pretty well.

Let me know what you guys think, keep the C&C coming! :smiley:


Also, I’ve noticed that working with color ramps with hair works wonders. Bascially, make the original material totally transparent, then add a texture slot with a blend texture. Turn on ramps and make sure both ends have a little transparency. -Really makes it look good.

Good luck.

Thanks LiquidApe. I tried your suggestion, and came up with something I wasn’t expecting. Any suggestions on the attachment below?


Fixed it. It was a really low hardness value that was causing the over exposure. Let me know how this looks:


I think the brushes with the combing were fine. The two newer ones don’t have the same look…

Here is a quicky example of what I was talking about…def needs some fine tuning, but here is the file:

Nice artwork.
less is more ( I mean the power of blender behind it)
I think the purple part a bit to improve but have no idea, other part stunning.

Nice render and hair.
But it think that the left pencil is a little bit to thick.

Thanks, I’ll see what I can do with this. I have already noticed some things I need to change. :yes:

This will probably be my final attempt at this. I also have a picture here of what I was trying to replicate. Those white bristles are so frustrating! I could have easily made some black bristles, but nooo.

Thanks again everyone for your help.