Brutal Low Poly Fable - Mr. Moose

Hi everyone!
I would like to share my newest work, a short low poly animation in which Mr. Moose demonstrates who rules the forest. I will make more of these, so all comments, feedback and criticism would be extremely welcome!


Very nice job! I liked the low poly style and I think the sound fits very well. The only thing I think could use a bit of improvement is the upper body movement of the man when he is walking. It seems to move too much considering the slow pace he is moving at. Overall great job though, I look forward to seeing more of these!

You are absolutely right about that! The walk cycle is quite quirky and not very well animated. Thanks for the comment! Too late to fix it for the next episode as we saw what happened to him ;D

i love it. even though i expected the mans head to hang at the wall in mooses living room above the fireplace.

Another episode is coming… :wink:

This is a funny animation and the low poly looks really fitting. The rifle could have been even less smoothed/beveled.

True, now that you say it. Didn’t cross my mind. Thanks for watching!

The second episode is out!
Huge thanks to everyone who commented the first one! Any comments, thoughts, feedback and especially criticism would be again more than welcome. Enjoy…

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This is delightfully dark. Great humour. Love it,

Only thing I would suggest, is maybe keep a little blood on the mosses atlers. It would be cool to have him dancing at the end with his bloody antlers.

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Thanks for watching! Yes, I agree. This was a lazy/quick solution as the blood was just added in post, no blood in the 3D scene. The amount of blood increases by each episode though (so far), so I will pay attention next time… :wink:

totally my kind of humor :smiley:

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Thanks for watching the second episode as well! :slight_smile:

Episode 3 is coming… Here’s a trailer!