Brutalist-style library/study area

Hi! This is my first time sharing a project with people other than friends or family😅.

The current scene is a WIP brutalist-style library/study area? (TBH, I’m not entirely sure yet)

I still need to add more furniture and detail around the scene. I plan on duplicating the furniture, adding some plants, lights, and signage. Of course, I still need to add a ceiling.

I will make a new post or update this one when I add textures and lighting.

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions you guys might have. Thanks for checking out my post!

Hey! It’s been a while, but I’ve finally gotten around to making some progress on the scene. I still have some details to add, and I hope to add even more furniture around the scene. This is my first time trying to make a ‘photo-realistic’ scene, so any suggestions or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Here’s another update! I currently feel like there’s something ‘off’ about the scene. Let me know if you guys have any tips or suggestions. Thanks and have a nice day!

Hello! This is probably the final update on this project. I’ve gone ahead and added a few more decorations to the scene. For the art hanging from the ceiling, I was heavily inspired by an art installation in the Indianapolis airport called `JetStream’ by Rob Fisher.

I think I’ve gotten to a pretty good stopping point and am fairly happy with the result. I think there are still many things that could be improved, but I’m still learning. I might come back one day and try to improve some things, but this will be it for now. Feel free to leave any suggestions or criticisms, and thanks for checking out my post!

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