brutality... (brutal graphic warning)

have a look

Made my kids laugh!
I like it too.

Alternicity, you, sir, are a proper parent.

I storyboarded Sintel killing off Mancandy and my eldest doesn’t want to read it. Not interested in girl violence I guess.
I guess it is kinda cool to be able to drop school in favour of (mostly) blender.

For this vid I might have lol’ed too but I guess I was having a serious moment or something when I hit play.

After rewatching, I think the first punch is the best. An aggro floor beating like the later strikes is best when following some kind of emotional character build up.

The headsplat is cool, but blurs the grittiness a bit, and replaces it with sillyness. :slight_smile:

looks pretty good!!! =D
i like the blood

assuming the blood splatter is from AE2 I would recommend speediong them up in After Effects before using them, they’re moving way to slow for the scale. character animation is nice though.

awesome animation work!

The animation was great!
Is there a download link of some sort ?

Very well done! I think as soon as the dark character falls, the “offensive” character kind of wobbles in an un-natural way, might wanna work on that, but once he jumps back on top, it’s all good. Pretty good animation! I love it. 8.5/10