Brute Chietain

Hi everyone, I am embarking on a project to make a brute hammer chieftain from the halo universe. Less as a tribute to halo and more simply because I like how they look, though my adaption will be decidely human, not of the actual brute species, its more the armor and such I am interested in. The base for the body that I am using is a considerably buffed out version of the Jonathan Williamson character modeling tutorial that I completed for anyone who is curious and sees that similarity. Ok, well here is what I have so far. I emailed bungie right after starting this and asked for orthographic views of their model or concept art and never heard back from them, so I am certainly lacking reference images, though what I have resorted to doing is take screenshots of what I need in game and uploading them, this has worked pretty poorly so far. Give me feedback plz :smiley: thanx to everyone


its called google and its got plenty of pics

and in my opinion the brute armor really only looks good on a brute because of their size. the helmet just looks awkward on that guy to be honest

lol, thx :slight_smile: o…ok. So you think it wouldn’t work on a human? I was still gonna try and capture the massive size and such, just change the head and the feet. I had to scale the top of the head down to fit into the helmet as it is. Um my workflow was also not make the brute body mesh first, I obviously started with the helmet, and I’ve added the body then added some armor then changed the body. So do you think I should kinda start over? Make the body first, then add armor and such?