Brütnik (entry for a BlenderClan contest)

Good morning ! :smiley:

At the end of June, blendman talked about a fancy contest here (in french). So for this contest we had to reproduct one (or two) of his gabarit he had first painted.
I choose Brütnik. The aim of this contest is to make everything with Blender (and every 2d editor for textures but onyly for textures).
So, here is my entry:

updated version:

first version :

The head was made with the sculpt mode, the compositing and correction of colors were made with the node editor (I can’t show the nodes yet but I will do it).
It looks a bit too dark for me but I can’t modify the image yet. The contest will ended in four days (the 15th).

I hope you like it :slight_smile:

I really really like the model and the image. My only comment is that you could have posed the character a little better, it feels really symmetrical now.

Great work!


you hit the nail on the head the pose is symmetrical and dull which is a real pity because this is a beautifully made model.

oh yes, you’re both right. Actually, I didn’t rigged him because I don’t have more time (I’m not on my computer since August). I’ll rig him after the end of the contest, unfortunately.


Hello :smiley:

I’ve updated my first image, now he looks more human.

I hope you like him. :slight_smile: