Bryanandhallie's CPU

This is a pentium 1 processor that I moddeled in contest with ps0, it’s a gif but I will upload the final pic once I’m finished uploading all of my stuff, I have very limited internet time, tell me what you all think thanks:)

Pretty nice, the model is fine, but the rendering gives it a fake feel. Thought about trying a render in yafray or indigo?

Yeah, it does look a little ‘flat-shaded polygonal surfaces’-esqe, but still, all the tiny pins and everything and the modeling is great. Nice there. :]

I am not sure, but the pins look a bit small compared to the overall size of the chip. nicely looking though!


Hey thanks for all of the advice guys! And it is rendered in yafray… never really played around with indigo yet… I had to guess with all of the sizes of the pins and stuff. They are so large, or small, ‘cause the test renderes would mess up with the pins’ shading if they were any different. That’s for another time. Thanks for the comments and I’m 'gonna upload my final CPU render now, check it out and compare it to ps0’s. We had a contest with our stuff, most of our stuff was due to contests, I’m his mentor don’t 'ya know:)