Bryce 5.5 is now free

For anyone who is interested…
I got an email today from Daz stating that they are releasing Bryce 5.5 free.
It can be downloaded from the following link on

It can also updated to version 6 for $19.98 from the link below.


i saw that too and downloaded it. can’t wait to see how they crippled it. then I was going to post. if u find out first, plz post

Downloading 5.5 and upgrading to 6 for $20 is certainly a better deal than buying 6 outright for $100. Doesn’t sound right . . .

What is this “platinum” business?

I already own version 6 so i wont actually be downloading this one… :S
Its just info for anybody else who may want it :slight_smile:
When they gave it away before (for a very brief period) it was the full version as far as i know.
I am assuming this version will be pretty much the same the same.

Though apparently (according to users on the Daz forums) the free version does not include the Bryce Lightning Network rendering agent. :S
But it can be downloaded when you register with Daz in you account options, under available downloads. :slight_smile:

The Platinum account gives you massive discounts on their products and new releases…but it costs $7.95pm plus a small sign up fee if i recall…I cant remember how much…somthing like $30, though i could be wrong).
I was a member when they released Hex2 and it cost me $1.99 rather than $150 for the limited time of the offer.
They do deals like that all the time.

Very cool. Sounds like the “Giving away razors to sell razor blades” business strategy.

The “platinum” business is a DAZ discount price club. If you’re a member, you can buy models or accessories for $1.99 each, where they normally cost anywhere from $5 to $40. It’s probably a very good deal if you buy models instead of rolling your own. I understand Bryce makes good backgrounds and landscapes, might work well as part of an animation pipeline working into the blender compositor. Anybody have any experience with this?

yeah, but i bet the GUI stinks. :spin:

Exactly. They give away DAZ, but charge you for the various models and textures.

Years ago, I had a roommate who had a then new copy of Bryce on his Mac. I thought it was sweet. I think this was long before version 5.

Doesn’t Blender have some kind of python script which mimics some Bryce features?

so what’s the deal with bryce? it’s a landscape renderer, right? does it generate any models, or skies, or clouds? or is it just a renderer?

It is a environment renderer that can create skys, terrains, clouds, rocks…all that cool stuff. lol

like terragen?

@Modron, it generates landscape models, and has a very complicated (or comprehensive, never can keep those straight) procedural material handler. It also supports mesh modeling, and has a number of interesting primitives. It handles booleans better than Blender, but the interface is somewhat slow to navigate. @PapaSmurf, yeah, the GUI stinks, you have to mouse over to icons all the time, not many hotkeys, and the procedural material “workshop” is a bit of a dog’s breakfast until you get used to it.

DAZ seems to be putting together a hobbiest studio: Bryce for landscapes, DAZ studio to do the posing (and animating) and Carrerra to make the models. They give the tools away (well, not Carrerra, not yet) because they make their money selling premade landscapes, models and accessories to people who want to do 3D collage.

I’m thinking about downloading it to generate a sky I need - the ones in the gallery don’t seem as impressive as Terragen2 though. Most everything in their gallery is crap by people who can only put premade models together, so who knows what the program can really do.

Which would you use? And what happened to Blender’s sky generator?

no, but if you set the RT code to the last four digits of your IP address, you can get either the Max of the Maya GUI. :slight_smile:

actually, doesn’t all of Blender mimic some Bryce features?

Yeah, terragens skies rock. I wonder if the new version is compatable with blender, like the free version is.

my version of terragen 0.9 is limited to export 255x255 verices…? or is there something else? and ski renders is limited to 640x480…or is there something else?

There’s the Terragen 2.0 technology preview package, but they’re wanting $2-300 for commercial use.

how much for smurfy hobbyiest casual fire it up once every two years use? (i guess I could look it up, but i kinda think 90% of our members have the same question).

Ah well that’s free for the downloading, but with restrictions like .9. If you want unrestricted stills, it’s $200, and unrestricted animating, it’s $300.