Bryce 6 for $6, if you get $29.95 platinum membership

Some maybe interested.

Just got an email from DAZ, that Bryce 6 is only $6, if you buy the Platinum membership for $29.95 then $7.95 a month, So I did:D.

Now I have a LOT of downloading to do, all the bryce 6 program and addon files and packs, plus all the free monthly content, and as an added bonus, you get to choose 15 items free from their Platinum bonus pack range.:smiley:

I think I am in danger of wearing out my adsl modem:eek:…wots that burning smell:eek:.


I got the same e-mail…I have Bryce 5.(whatever), but I didn’t see anything for upgrade pricing. I would really like to use Bryce for tree creation, but if I can’t export them, its useless.

EDIT>>> I verified with the support folks at Daz - Bryce 6 will still not be able to export trees. After the promo mentioned in the previous post, if you purchased Bryce 5 (or 5.5) you will be able to upgrade for 39.95.

Just a little update on this, if you are using a 64 bit system, XP 64bit pro etc, Bryce 6 does not work, so you have to run it in compatability mode as win98 millenium:confused:

Hmmm 64bit windows xp, does have a few problems with stuff.