BRYCE 7 is out ..


Its in 3 flavours - free, regular and pro. ( Available for MAC OS and WINDOWS )

Here are the features and comparison between regular / pro:

AND THE PRICE - Pro for $34.99 Sale price - well, another low cost tool to have in your kit maybe! A good night out on the town would cost you more ( here in Ireland anyway, that plus more is a return cab for me before I even see the inside of a pub :smiley: )


Load of Bryce 7 / pro feature vids:


I remember Bryce from a Beta version of Superbryce (because Wenger’s first Bryce was only for stills) i had in a box. I made my very first 3D animations with it (sometimes a render time of 3days per 640x480 image on a IIfx 33Mhz).
I came across a version 5 (or something) 1 year ago abd it had still its handy UI. I have received the announcement of version 7 this morning with Bryce’s newsletter and have noticed lots of features that where inexistant last time i tried the app.
It’s good for quick landscaping (much faster then Blender to get very convincing background hills and mountains) anyway and for a sweet price. Yet it can’t replace Blender for animation.

Love the library and particle brush and group instancing mix tool.

Wow… the rendering seems to have improved alot. Now it is looking like Vue in terms of quality… and it is much cheaper too…

It seems like in some cases the ‘Bryce look’ is still there (though it looks a bit easier to remove now)

From my viewing it looks like the ambient lighting options is now similar to Blender Internal in 2.5 (the test images for ice for example having transparent shadows, but no caustics).

Apparently if Blender’s particles, volumetrics, and node trees soon get supported in the Luxblend exporter for 2.5 (the new Luxrays library even allowing Luxrender’s unbiased rendering inside Blender’s own render window according to their chief builder for OSX), we could see no need to look at Bryce rendering.

Nice to see that for personal use there is no watermark or anything.

wow … i had no idea Bryce was still being developed. i thought it died with MetaCreations. well … COOL !! it always was a fun little program, even tho all it’s renders had ‘the Bryce look’ …

ok all fine and dandy, but have there been any actual “terrain” editing improvements since even bryce 4 or so…I never see anything on that??? and isn’t that the primary purpose for bryce, terrains…

so my question is…anything new there(terrain editing)?

What improvements are you looking for? IMO this feature has always been giving quite nice results from the begining… Vue is allright too, in that range. Easy, quick and nice looking for distant decors…
I didn’t tried zooming and close traveling though… Is this your point?

Hmm Bryce 7 huh? I bought Bryce 6 not to long ago, and it had not changed much from Bryce 3 !! Oh wait I forgot Bryce 3 actually worked better !! They didn’t even mention that you couldn’t animate the textures/materials which was standard in Bryce 3 ( and there was no mention of this ). I hope they finally worked that out.

Does the free version of bryce 7 include volumetric clouds?

Edit: Found it. Just hold left mouse button on the cloud and select “Volume”

Hi Guys,

I have been reading these comments here with a wry almost puzzled smile. Why the puzzledness? The way some of you guys are talking its as if we are talking of an app that costs 100’s if not 1000’s of euro and that ( understandably in that case ) one has to go to serious lengths to vet it before buying - ITS $34.99, not a huge risk as a tool, even if one only played with it or used it once in a project it has paid for itself?

For those asking is this in it or is that in it - Theirs a FREE version for ALL to download and try. Is it that you couldnt be bothered and are waiting for others to do the work for you?

Sorry for this rant, but I could maybe see a financial descision where the likes of VUE is concerned causing such talk. And as for the asking of" is this and that in the app" type questions for a costly app like VUE, even VUE has a FREE PLE version.

Also sorry to those if $34.99 IS a big amount, this of course can be relative to where you live. In my case - Ireland - a very expensive country to live in, it unfortunately would be considered a very small, inconsequential amount relative to what it could buy you here - actually about €26.80


ok, aside from that…I do not have a lot of bandwidth…sharing a connection amongst 8 computers downloading even 8mb can be a hassle…so any terrain improvements(I am still asking)?

I was thinking. Infinite planes and infinite cubes. How do they work? It would be nice to have that in blender. Searching papers about it on Google was no success.

No terrain improvements.

Not that much… It is still slow. Even it is multithreaded, it only uses half of the CPUs! Mor RAM doesn’t seem to have it all faster neither.
Preview is still there and efficient, though could have been increased in size, a little.
Where are convicing Blender landscape tutorials to be found?

Thanks. In that case, i will just stick to my existing Carrara Pro for landscape generation.

shift-D in Blender, it seems to me. Instancing just points to the same datablock but allows loc rot scale to be different

I’ll have to give this a go. Some of the “best” Bryce renders are simply mind blowing!