BS Barracuda Drone - New VFX Video and Police Version

Found this concept…decided to model it. (the Military version one)

According to the artist:
“BS series hovering spy device by Semiconductor Robotic Aeronautics.”
“Barracuda fully automated drone.”

“Fictional stealth kind hovering object. Combined technology for moving parts based on magnetic fields and allows to wings to move in x,y,z axes simultaneously. The holes in the middle of aircraft is the magnetic field power generator powered by friction of the air.”

BTW this is just one of the vehicles in the BS Series, here is the artists web page:!art/cjg9

Finished blocking out… now for hi res…

Current State of the model:
Last posted here: Post 20.


Finished the wing, worked on the tail. Ill need to cut out the panel, but I;ll move on to the body for now.


Yay! another one of your projects. Look good so far, but what exactly is it?

@ Graphix
According to the artist - “Barracuda fully automated drone.”, so yeah a drone…fully automated too :slight_smile:

Here is some progress (actually more than it looks like - working on cutting out those panels on the wing, topology is a mess atm)


OMG so many verticies! fun topology! … (with a slight taste of sarcasm)


Almost done i think… i need to add the correct thickness and texture.


You guys show no love :frowning:
Update render (I wish i had more time to do blender…):
Fixed more stuff…thickness, added the electromagnetic strips. Texturing time me thinks.


Beautiful. The only problem I have with this, and it’s a conceptual error, is there is no propulsion system nor is there much room for a “brain”. Very good modeling though.

Ah yes i wondered that myself, and then came up on more explanations by the artist, I updated my first post on this, again its not my design.

But then why assume the future has a visible/large propulsion system? Who knows what we shall come up with. And the “brain”…the AI and the CPU can totally fit somewhere int the body.

Oh and here is a solid 1080p wire-frame render


I suppose I’m a little more grounded in modern technology than you. And, yes it might be small, but it seems that the propulsion system would at least have some part that was exterior, and also they usually put massive computers in drones. look at the predator for example.

Sp yeah I think I am done here… Maybe Ill do a few tweaks at some point in time but I am moving on, it was a nice short project though.

1080p renders: (You can see the topology render in the above post)

I love the colors and energy in secound one (blue) can you show matterials.

And i have question about how are you doing those holes

you have some nice method for it or just press E and move down and then again+S…

The shader is quite simple: Diffuse mixed with glossy (.01) at .8 Fac, decals applied according to the method I used in my BMW RZ M6.

As far as the panels (no holes there btw - bevel due to the subsurf modifier))… I usually get the topology right, then I use V-KEY to separate the verticies (the depth is the solidify modifier).
Hopefully that makes sense.

Well i decided to do some camera tracking, and came up with this clip.
I am aware of the weir jumps in the video, i am guessing that is to do with the tracking calculation.
I think its not too bad for the first time.

That area is like the perfect place to test out tracking =) Despite the tracking errors you already mentioned, its simple yet cool. I would probably have it in silver, but that’s just me.

Wohoo!, the original concept artist (Evgeny Onutchin) featured me on his blog :smiley:

So i decided to come back to this model, revise the textures a bit, and give the drone a new look.
How do you like them apples - Police Drone and a 2K image!
Tell me what you think!

(Top img is the raw render in the bottom image ran through the compositor)


Nice work! Is that a cycles render? I like the glowing bits on the top image.

Thanks, its is rendered in Cycles, glow is done with the compositor.

More textures, “tail lights”, and other misc stuff.

1080p render

Screenshot of the main material nodes included (sorry if its hard to see individual values, just wanted to give an overall picture anyway)

Also made a gif animation of the police lights: