Bsdf Transparency issue!

I’m having such a hard time figuring out.
I have the diffuse - shader to rgb, color ramp and etc. For the bright and Anime like shading!
But the problem is. The thing I’m trying to put it on, is a plane and I need the principled Bsdf for the transparency effect. But I can’t mix the two at all because when I do,
The other one Loses it’s bright color but at least it’s transparent.
Then then when I try to do just the diffused bdsf It’s bright! but it’s not transparent.
This is really hard because I’ve searched up how I can just make a diffused bsdf transparent But I could find nothing to work at all. Does anyone have any advice or help to give? Please help.

Well… the shader to RGB node can be used in Eevee for some special tricks but if you want to mix shaders you shouls use a mixshader node and not converting the shade r into a color (loosing some effects) and mix the xolors and then justuse it (color is not directly a shader… well the simplest posible…)… like so (maybe have to switch input on mix shader) :

…and you are even not using the Principled BSDF shader at all…

It’s not complicated- set your materiel to alpha blend and mix what you already have using a mix shader with a transparent BSDF :slight_smile:

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I believe I have done so, as of also mixed the shaders together the best I could.
(shader I have for it right now)

It’s the current Input I have with everything mixed.
The sad part is. I just want it to hit as bright as it does as the main texture that has the same input but transparency.

bright like how the head is.
Is that possible at all??

You need a white background for that to happen. What’s happening right now is you want “brightness” (perceived luminance) to stay the same regardless of transparency- this is not possible unless you use a white background

So I need a white backrground in the png?

You need a white background in your viewport - open your shader editor, switch to World, change it to white :slight_smile:

So your telling me, That to even achieve this at all I need a white Backrgound? So If I was to even export this, to a game or something I would need a white background to function it all??
This simple diffuse shader with the color ramp and etc. Needs a white colored backrgound and Cannot be transparent at all? unless it has a white background?

Well… how would you have a white object have the same perceived luminance as a 100% opaque object vs a transparent object? I don’t mean to be condescending at all, just think about this logically. How could this be done?

Let me show you an example:

Here we have two white rectangles in a photo editor, on a light transparent checkboard background. One of them is transparent, one is opaque. See how the transparent one is relatively lower in luminance overall?

Let me take this a step further- I’m going to average out the left half and right half of the canvas:

This is the average luminance- remember, these are both white rectangles, but because the background isn’t perfectly white (100% luminance), the background lowers the luminance of the objects in front of it. If you have a white rectangle of 100% luminance, and you drop it to 50% transparency, and put it over a 80% gray background- your resulting luminance will be (.5 * 1) + (.5 * .8) = .9, or 90% luminance

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Thank you for your well-put-together response. I’m just going to take this as.
Even though I have A png texture used on blender. I cannot rely on it to be perfectly transparent and Still remain the color it is. Thank you for your time.