BSG images

Does anyone know where I might find some good reference images for the Battlestar Gallactica ship?

To clarify, I mean the ship from the new series, not the old 70s ship.

lots of other BSG images

Oh my goodness. Those are AWESOME! (many models available)

And if that’s not enough, I have the peterson MAX model of the NuGalactica converted to blender, just not textures. Eric Clark is working on the textureing and we have a Mark II, Mark VII (with med and Hi-res textures), and then I have the entire fracking fleet (with textures) in low poly models. Actually they make decent close up renders and really good distance renders. And since they are low poly, you can do large battle scenes.

Also, I have the nuCylon Raider converted from Mr_bester’s lightwave model complete with textures and animated “eye”.

Yeah…I guess I’m the resident expert of Galactica and Blender.

So much so I registered…now I need to create a website for it. Which I’ll work on this afternoon.

Interesting. I was considering making the model for 2 reasons:

  1. To practice and learn blender and have fun
  2. To possibly toss up on turbosquid to make a small bit of money

Since there are so many free models available, (2) doesn’t make much sense any more. I still may do it for (1).

Very cool information, man. I am a bit of a fan of both the show and the tool myself although not as much as you, I see. :slight_smile:

My main interest is in animation, not modelling. Let me check here:

here is the model:

and I think all textures in blender. You can use it to learn how to texture :wink: I just don’t have the time to do it right now between work, classes, and other personal projects (battlestar olympia & blenderxgrid) to do it.

The original creator of the model was cool to release everything with the express instructions that no credit is needed, all he asked is that people use it, maybe drop him a line to see, add to the model and make it better.