BSG Viper Mk2

I made window black because I dont want to make inside yet .
I believe this is a almost finished Viper. What do you think?


It looks very nice from a design perspective. However, it looks pretty flawless/shiny. Maybe you can texture the surface a tad to add scratches from battle, or just surface panels, plates, and bolts mapped to normals to break up that too-perfect shine. Other than that, I think it’s pretty good. The nose cap looks like it could be used as a missile pod for the biggest weapon in its arsenal to me. Like a nuclear one for the climax of the action in a film.

I know It is plastic but I m still week in tincturing and I should make same cockpit interior to make it better. I think I could make some burn marks with gimp and UV map it in blender it doe sent seem too hard too me for now too do this.

Burn marks would be a very good idea. It would also be good to put in other things. You can add landing lights or a “mid-air refueling nozzle” to make it seem more real. Think about what would be on a space ship if a company made it. That will help.

Thats pretty good but I would add burn marks like previously stated. I was actually planning on making a viper can I see the ref images you used.

I could call it almost finished I added some more details on it in fuselage area ant this is close to finish and I still dont know how to make it more real except textureing.well I guess I will have to learn that. And I’m not satisfied by this. not by a long shot

And Nickle I fond blueprints on site and reference: typed viper Mk2 and saw images nothing special.


Thank you so much! Actually I’m just going to watch battlestar.