BSOD during Cycles render

I’m getting a BSOD when rendering my scene using cycles, specifically a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT crash.
I am using my GTX 1070 to render with the unofficial kernel, and so far it was working fine until today, when I began to render and the BSOD occurred.

My system specs:

3.4GHz i7-4770
GTX 1070 w/ 8 GB VRAM

Running Blender 2.77

Just installed Nirsoft’s BlueScreenView, and can upload the logs if that would be helpful.

Anyone have an idea about what could be causing the BSOD?

Hi, hard to catch, just guessing a Windows update overwrite your Nvidia driver.
There was a bug report >
A app or driver crash should never send OS to a BSOD, really strange.
You can disable these unasked updating of video driver.
If you cant solve this make a bug report. Blender Help menu > report a bug

Cheers, mib