BSoD help! armature won't attach to mesh!

Okey I ran across this while following the BSoD introduction to animation.

When I have to apply the armature modifier to the mesh I go and add the armature modifier but when I put in the name of my armature it goes in the Ob: ________ thing, it goes blank again like I never entered it in.

I’m not using the mesh from the doc but one made from MakeHuman, but it should still work shouldn’t it?

thank you

It will go blank if you spell it wrong (names are case sensitive “Arm” is not the same as “arm”). Assuming it’s just called “Armature” you can just type “A” and press TAB to “auto-complete” the name. Or, of course the first letter of whatever you called your armature.

If that still doen’st work you might have to post your file. is a good free one if you need web space.


okey thanks.