BSoD - Materials: Part II - Colorband


I’m just reading the tutorial by Colin and I think it is great, but right now I’m stuck in the middle of part 2.
I don’t get along with the colorband settings:

Why are the first three colors defined although they have an alpha value of 0? The colors are not visible at all! So why do I have to set them? I hope somebody of you read this tutorial… I tried to contact Colin but I can’t find an email address.

probably the middle color has an alpha of 1, so that the color will change as it fades out. The display only shows the alpha for the currently selected color.

But the display shows all 5 colors… and the first 3 have no alpha. There will be a transition between the third and fourth color, but the first and second color don’t seem to do anything… Maybe the link isn’t working. From the table of contents choose chapter 5.8 (EXERSISE) and there you’ll find 5 screenshots.