bsod Modelling issue,help.

HI i’m doing the bsod , the modelling part , and i got this problem , in this page:

at the end of piulars of fun 1 , i’ve been told to select the top 4 vertex and move them down and sacale them down , so i still got selected the 4 top vertex ,

but in pilars of fun 2 it says , deselect all verts and select the top four ¿? , ok i’ll do it , but then it says to move them up ( so why did i move them down? and then i get confused with the images ( taller pillar , border bilt ) my mesh is not thin , like taller pillar ,

can someone explain this steps in a more graphic way ?


I think there may be an “error” in the writing (at best it’s unclear). If I understand it correctly, in Pillars of Fun 1 you should be selecting four verts on a side (because he says you can only see two verts). I believe the image you see (after scaling) is the top view. So you should have a short, thin “plank” with angled edges standing upright.

Then, in Pillars 2, you go into side view so you can stretch this shape vertically. If you look at the image labelled “Border bit 1” you’ll see two vertical lines on each side which are the scaled edges. It’s a bit difficult to make things out when it’s all in wireframe ortho view but it makes sense that this tall “plank” would be one side of the final pillar. I guess the angled sides are to prevent faces overlapping when it’s assembled.

Hopefully this is right - I haven’t followed the tutorial at all.

I believe the tutorial is correct (though maybe a little unclear).

It doesn’t really mention it, but the cube is first added in the top view NumPad_7.

I think the confusion stems from when they say “select the top 4 vertices”, what they mean is “Select the ‘top’ 4 vertices in the view that you are currently in”.

So ‘top’ can mean different vertices dependent on which view that you are in.

So when you move from “Pillars of Fun 1” to “Pillars of fun 2”, you switch from a top view to a side view, so the “top” vertices in the 2 different views are not the same vertices.

A good way to follow along is to look at the color of the 2 axis shown in the diagram.

If you see Red (X) and Green (Y), you know that you are in the Top View (ie. you can’t see the Blue (Z) axis).

When you switch to the Side view, you will see the Green (Y) and Blue (Z) axis and the Red (X) axis is “hidden”.

So you need to treat “select the top vertices” as a relative term.

Hope that helps/ is clear :slight_smile:

Agreed, I think the use of “top” and “translate down” has caused the confusion since they are referencing the screen view, not the 3D space.