Made you look…cause you thought I was in the wrong forum.

“Blue Scream of Death”


UV Mapping
SubSurf Modifier
…and a DAZ Head


runs down hall screaming

that sends a shiver down my spine…

good job tho, even tho it gives me bad memorys…

Well of corse that would happen…Its a DELL

The face is pretty good, the monitor looks rather shoddy. The texture on it is too stretched (look at the text), none of the edges are beveled, and the color of the buttons doesn’t match the rest. The text on the screen appears slightly stretched but that might just be compression.

Also, Sony made Trinitron, not Dell.

??? I am sitting in front of a monitor that has a Dell logo at the bottom and Trinitron on the top. An Ultrascan P990. Perhaps Dell re-sold.

Maybe you’re right. Or maybe they both used the name.

dell resells their monitors for the most part, at least the ones i’ve seen have all been rebranded from other companies, thats way cool though, kinda like the walls in doom, with faces all poping up out of nowhere, freaky stuff…

lol, a part of my digital soul died when i saw it. I love the concept, the head’s cool and i like the softbody effect, i agree with thelonesoldier about the monitor needing a little bit of work on the textures,