.BSP export and import script

Hello BlenderArtists,

I have been playing with .bsp and old quacke games for some time now and i wanted to load them into blender.
So i searched the internet for a .bsp to whatever file that is supported in blender converter. But i couldn’t find anything.
I lost hope to find something for this old file type was pretty much gone, until i found this link : http://blenderartists.org/forum/archive/index.php/t-297143.html . I wanted to try this. But i got some errors.

I was hoping that somebody could help me and tell what these errors are and how to fix them.
This will help people like me to make some nice work with those old timers :wink:

Thanks .


Is there no one how has a clue what these errors are ?

it says MemoryError, so I would guess your system has too little main memory. It doesn’t appear to be a bug in the importer.

So i do need to assign more memory to that process??
A idea to fix it?

Because i got 8gb of ram. and the file i try to open is 13.4mb.

8GB should be sufficient for such a small file, might the file be corrupt?

I’m trying to open a file from jedi academy. Those should not be corrupt, else you could not play the game.

Do you know if the addon supports the exact format? I seems to me like there’s e.g. a floating point number given in the file, which the addon interprets as integer and uses it to read texture-related information. Such a type mismatch likely results in a completely off value and might be the reason for the memory error.

The extension of the file is a .bsp. I tried to open this file whit the texture in a relative path. But that made no difference.
Maybe jedi academy .bsp are different, even they are from the same engine??

AFAIK there are many proprietary BSP file formats, it’s not a standard by any means, just a technique: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_space_partitioning

Brush planes (offset and normal) in Doom BSPs are stored in one place, whereas Call of Duty D3DBSPs store them in two places, and the first 6 entries for a brush are axis-aligned bounding box planes. The formats are similar, but not compatible. I guess it’s the same with your BSPs.

I don’t quite understand what this means.

I wanted to say that not every file with .bsp extension uses the same format as the import addon supports, even if it’s a game level BSP and the engine very similar to the engine the addon is compatible with.

All right, i will have to find an other solution then. I can read and do some stuff in code, but not change it entirely. Thanks for the help.