Bsurface Violin Tutorial problem

I used grease pencil to make the stroke then edit stroke to make it editable why can’t I make it into a surface?


Bezier.blend (515 KB)

forgot the video tutorial



In case you’re still around…

  1. select curve(s) object on GP layer (already selected in your example file…) ; Shift select Plane (that’s done in Outliner)
  2. Hit T to bring up Toolshelf in any 3dview.
  3. Hit Tab to edit last selected Plane.
    Ta daaa…
    Browse down in Toolshelf to the button Add Surface, press, enjoy.

Trick is curves(could be nice Bezier ones too, joined as one object ); 2.Shift select dummy object(plane with deleted vertices); 3.Tab to edit dummy.

Happy blending!