Bsurface without object

I am trying to join 3 objects. They should be 3 meshes (which i created starting from bsurface). Somehow when i try to join them it says “Active object is not a selected mesh”. Also the mesh icon does not appear. Alt+C seems not to do anything.

I belive the problem resides in that i made a retopo with bsurface but without the 1st step (add a object -> enter edit mode-> delete the plane-> start! ). Nevertheless i can see it like this:


xmas.blend (12.5 MB)

Object selectability is off in the outliner so you can’t select and join them.

Selected objects join to the active object. If the active object is the one called “Plane”, it has mirror modifier while the others don’t, which means it would mirror those on themselves unless you delete the half on those.

When preparing files for upload, enable compress in file -> save as dialog. That alone makes the file smaller. Deleting unnecessary objects and geometry also makes the file move faster. In this case deleting the hidden “Cube” object and using compress makes the file size 174kB, instead of >12MB.

I was not aware of the mere existance of the selectability. It solved the problem! Thanks!
Wasn’t either aware of the methodology to post files here. Thanks for the information, i will use it in future post.
I am sorry, I am new to blender and even newer to the comunities!!
Thanks a lot again, if there was a way to mark your answer as the correct i would do it!
Regards! :slight_smile: