Bsurfaces How To Use?

I have activated the bsurfaces add-on, but I don’t see any interface in the tool panel, and can’t activate the function, seemingly. I have seen some documentation, some of which goes into great detail, but none cover how to start using it.

You need to be in edit mode, then the tool options will be in the toolshelf


arg, I am such a noob. Thanks again Richard.

Maybe you don’t have a recent enough build of Blender, try to get one from the buildbot (that features the latest version of BSurfaces too) and enable the addon in it.

After enabling the addon, you should see in Edit Mode the Bsurface panel :

I have not used much of Bsurfaces, but to get you started, in Edit Mode hold the D key and make a few strokes (D being the shortcut for the grease pencile draw mode) :

Then click on the “Add Surface button”

Then in the Operator panel, or press F6 , edit the settings to what you need

That’s the basic way it works, after that in the “press N” Panel you can click on “New Layer” in the Grease Pencil settings , then at “Drawing setting” select Surface instead of default Cursor and you future grease pencil strokes should get projected on the model surface behind them, making then easier for the BSurface to be used as retopo tools

thanks man. very good explanation.