Bsurfaces v1.5

(FloridaJo) #21

Thanks LiquidApe


(dayvan_cowboy) #22

OMG! :eek:

something like this definitely needs to get into trunk!


(spirit) #23

I think it will be better if you say the final price that you want to earn, lets say, just for example 5000 $ and raise a donation fund and just let the users donate to you until you achieve it and then just release the script for free - i think you will collect the money faster and the comunity will have the script in a much shorter time, but this is just my opinion, it is not based on facts and so… this is just what im thinking, but the decision is yours, of course! anyways, the script looks more than awesome, it is groundbreaking, but the music of the video is something that can make someone to scream and start breaking and smashing things al around him! wish u luck and success!


(Cluly) #24

That looks immensely powerful.


(Eclectiel) #25

Thanks everyone for all the kind and encouraging comments :slight_smile:

Thanks you for this work!! And nice idea to promote Blender development !!

Part of the idea with the video is exactly that. Show people a nice video using Blender.

I’d imagine that people who pay now will have some say in what tools are developed, and perhaps a slight amount of say in what direction it goes in.

If possible that would be a big incentive to buy now.

After seeing other sponsored projects, when there is no clear goal, or is payed in advance for something that will come later, that “something” that comes later is not necessarily what everyone had in mind, thus I’ve seen some frustration about that.
This way people knows exactly what they pay for, and they don’t have to wait to get it.
As I mention in the website, the donations are not a collect for future development, but rather a way for those who would like to show appreciation for Blender development. The incetive to buy should be that you find the tool useful. And the incetive to donate, feeling grateful for what has been developed for Blender.
That way things are clear and there is no frustration after personal expectations.

Thanks for the post in your blog :wink:

Hey don’t mess with the music! ;), it’s a 35 minutes long video. Even Mozart would get on your nerves in 35 minutes. I personally loved it, I think it goes really nice with this kind of video. Check the original version, called “Light Patterns”, Travis (the musician) has great talent. Check the link at the first post with his music.

Thanks again everyone for all the kind and ethusiastic comments!


(MarkJoel60) #26

Fantastic Implementation! This is the kind of stuff that keeps Blender exciting… great job on the video, too!

One thing… after watching this I was wondering if there is any feature planned that would let me import artwork – maybe from illustrator or photoshop with paths defined – and have it converted for use as strokes in Bsurfaces (instead of having to trace over artwork, it would be nice to simply import it…)


(Richard Culver) #27

For the record. You don’t have to have PayPal to buy this. Just use a credit card or ATM. As safe as any online buying can be.

Just follow the “Don’t have a PayPal Account…?” link.


(Benkei) #28

After watching the video, I wonder if we still need NURBS…


(FreeMind) #29

Yes. We do.


(Gwenouille) #30

Fantastic tool… I think i’ll have to buy that as i work quite a lot with curves.
The violin is not THAT beautiful though :wink: (signature)

About the interesting business model: I think you should make the price slowly go down.
Imagine you buy it 6 months from now and it is free the next day: pretty harsh. And people will track the time since the release and wait and wait until it is free…
You could start at 39 $ and drop 50cent every week for instance…


(SilenceBe) #31

What happened with that nurbs project anyway ?


(olbap) #32

Very efficient tool and it reminds me prototype modeling possible usage. I think that You can get many buyers from industrial design, furniture or automotive prototype area. The tutorial or rather timelapse about making of some decent eg. automotive would help a much. With this tool I see no needs of using nurbs.


(Month) #33

Wow, that’s freakin impressive. I’m currently stretched on money, I’ll guess I’ll just have to wait till it becomes gpl, but man this stuff is awesome.


(ciriaco) #34

Would be also a nice addition make holes wiht curves in the mesh
congratulations, great work


(Benkei) #35

I am not a NURBS modelling expert but, I have been using Rhino from ver. 1.0 up to ver. 4.0 and, though I think Rhino is a very powerful NURBS modelling tool, some times aligning two NURBS surfaces can be very time consuming, and some other times combining them can be even impossible without reconstructing one of the surfaces.

Maybe I am wrong but, although I recognize that NURBS are very useful to model technical stuff and you can even use them to model a human body, I personally think that subdivision surfaces are better most of the times if you are an artist and not an engineer.

And if, during the modelling process, subdivision surfaces are associated with splines like this new BSurfaces addOn is proposing to offer, could be even better.

After all, Rhino too, few years ago, has been integrated with TSpline plugin in order to
make organic modelling easier and make modelling itself less inluenced by topological constraints.

NURBS (if implemented in their original form), may be a little bit out-of-date nowadays. However, if the NURBS implementation that will be integrated into the future Blender versions could allow user to shift freely from polygon to NURBS and viceversa (like TSpline in Rhino) during the modelling process, or could include extraordinary points, etc., would be really great.


(MarkJoel60) #36

I think the whole point is that the people paying for it are doing so knowing they are supporting the development. I plan on buying it, personally, just to support the project. Everyone is in a different place, I get that, but honestly $39 is a pittance for something this useful. If I can help the guy recoup his costs, so it gets released into GPL, I’m going to do it…


(Gwenouille) #37

@ MarkJoel: that’s very nice of you, but i am afraid not every one is so honest and generous. My suggestion was rather thought to help him get the most out of it. Well nevermind, I’ll buy it too anyway ! :slight_smile:


(StompinTom) #38

Thanks for the great tool! I’ll give it a spin once I get some free time.


(achrystie) #39

Personally I think this is a VASTLY better development model than donating to some student who is in the “learning process”, money up front, for work that has no promise of completion time frame, or completion at all for that matter. The one thing I’d question is whether or not you’re better off with a progress bar, or a lower price point. There’s definitely a “sweet spot” for peoples comfort level in donation, but I’m not sure what it is, and a progress bar is a better motivator than a 5 to 9 month window of time.
This is a great plugin, thanks for making it.
I’ll probably donate in the next couple of days.


(cekuhnen) #40


I consider myself a NURBS and SDS profesional and understand where you are coming from.
However each technique has ups and downs. The best is combing them.

T-Splines in the last release offers SDS matching NURBS curves and in addition also surface curvature preview
for SDS - something you normally would only have with NURBS.

SDS is pretty great but when you need to hit sometimes specific continuity qualities it can be very very tough to do.

Just because of that polygon modeling will never be able to replace NURBS or parametric tools.
But it is a great addition to the modeling tool set for sure !

Some objects are also painfully difficult to model with NURBS and precision cutting and surface continuity are not
a strength of SDS at all. For that would need local subdivsion to prevent surface changes when you model a hole.

This add-on is quite a great addition because it offers some great spline based modeling approaches.
I am very convinced about the re-topology tool set.