I saw a post on blendernation a few days ago that said bsurfaces was going to be implemented into the trunk. I cant seem to find the post now, and I was wondering if it was implemented into the trunk or not, and if there is a graphicall build with it can someone post a link? Ive been looking around google and graphicall for about an hour, and cant seem to find what Im looking for

found the post, just unsure how to get my hands on this

Everything from 2.63 & up is Bmesh, yes. Just d/l off or some build off

Okay thanks I was thinking I would have to add it onto it myself ( guess not, thanks goodness my internet connection just drags on and on…

If you want the addon just download it from its home

BSurfaces is different from BMesh.

bsurfaces new version is not in blender or graphicall builds except a few custom builds with external addons.
I expect it will be added before/for 2.64 release.

The easiest way to become an idiot is presuming others are, hehe… Shameful. :wink:

(and so we are absolutely clear, I’m talking about myself here, hehe)

i tested this GPL one and it is not working well

but there is already one coming with 2.63 which seems to work better

so try it !

but for the other advance features this i guess wil come with 2.64 !


The bmesh proved to be smarter than me ;D so i just went with an old fashioned retopo. Then a rigify.
The character is going to be used as a place marker for an Manga I am helping my friend create. The eyes, mouth, hair, and clothes will be drawn in. We will also be using the modeling in blender to create the scenes, lay em out etc etc

i had it working, but it incorrectly laid meshes, and caused a lot more work than it solved. will wait for a later version, with better handles (such as the bsurfaces addon)