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Thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and toss up two of the projects I was playing with this morning

Stylised Goblin Character Sculpt

Bruce Timms Style “Hero” (kinda low poly)

I dig the Goblin. I’m going to PM you for 6 months asking about a video on how to sculpt it. :slight_smile:

Is the Hero for an animation or anything?

Somehow I knew that would come back to bite me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not that great sculptor to be honest (michaelis is the goto guy for that), but if you really want to see my process, the least I can do is to whip up a vid in the same fashion as you did (i.e. much delayed and grudgingly released without commentary* :stuck_out_tongue: :D)

I’d like to think that not being a good sculptor would get me out of it… but I didn’t let up on you did I, so I’ll see what I can do.

The hero is for a game concept I was going to pitch at some angel investors a couple of years ago before other (pay guaranteed) projects got in the way. As my sons are keen gamers and the two eldest are wanting to make something as a family, I thought I’d resurrect the concept into a playable demo. There’ll be more where he came from - Bruce Timms style characters are fun to make & (I think/hope) to play :wink:

[SUB]* I kid, I kid![/SUB] :smiley: