BtoR / Neqsis ? Blenderman mods ?

can’t find BtoR anymore… the links are appearantly down now. :frowning:

…so, is there a way to mod Blenderman to work with Python 2.4 ?

laughs good luck with that! Uh, probably have to wait for the new release of Blender (coming soon!) for a (Maybe?) intergration or better exporter to RIB format.

Try this

It’s based on Blenderman, but focussed on Pixie instead of PRMan, BMRT, 3DElight and Aqsis.

I’ve been thinking of copying it’s changes back into Blenderman or creating a hybrid of the two but I don’t have the time and will be unlikely to get that done within the next 8 months.


BtoR development continues apace, as far as I know, no links are down, can you post the link you’ve been trying here, in case it’s something I don’t know about.

Paul Gregory

Hi Paul,

Can you tell me which version of Python CGKit you use/is recommended with BToR, I haven’t had luck with it so far and “No module named cgkit” is the error I get with CGKit alpha 6.

I’ve yet to fix boost.python problems in SuSE to build a full CGKit alpha 7 and try that.


Disregard my last question, the Aqsis wiki BToR/Neqsus page says CGKit2.


Thanks for the replies everyone.

The link was dead yesterday… appears to be working now.

also, is BtoR able to export animations with motion blur ?



Work in progress/coming soon.


as this thread is about BtoR/Neqsus, i think this will fit in here quite well:

I got a problem trying to install the plugin. i tried it several times on my laptop as well as on a friends PC. Both times i failed on the part of installing pyprotocols. I know form another thread, that i have to use to install it but everytime i try it, i get the error message “youve got an obsolete version of setuptools installed, please remove it entirely bla bblubb and so on”.
it seems as if i miss something but dont know what :confused:
would be great if somebody could help me with that !!
thanks in advance