BTW Blender 2.58 is out

I see proper keymap preset load/save still hasn’t been tackled…:no:

how can we use the warp modifier?

You need three objects for this, one that has the modifier, one that is the initial reference object, the third for the target.

I’ve discovered almost immediately that it could be useful for any image that needs meshes with a sail or a general wind-blown shape (the modifier providing non-destructive deformation to tweak and even animate such effects, which would make it useful in some cases for both stills and animations.)

Still though, there are modifier ideas not implemented yet in trunk (some are even in the patch tracker), the spin/lathe modifier comes to mind.

Excellent news. May have very well made my day.

True, 2.58 is out.

But they dropped Quicktime and PSD support. Big error in my view, i use them a lot, it’s annoying instead of loading one file to load 5-6 different ones etc… And quicktime is really useful for me.

Blender should add support for as many formats as possible, more the better. Not the other way around.

Spin/Lathe has been rolled into the Screw modifier, or if not, Screw’s functionality covers that purpose.

And I can still load PSD images.

Bevel weighting is still broken, but all in all I love this update. Full bake options, image empty, paint palettes…so many subtle workflow boosts already. :slight_smile:

I am left to wonder what exactly the PSD format can do that the EXR format can’t, they’re both multi-layer image formats, is it still not supported by Photoshop? If it is, any reason that format can’t be used?

AD, as a side note, I’ve noticed you’ve been slacking on your Blender release announcements. I mean, they went from the super official sounding ones that you did to “btw, blender 2.58 is out.”* I’m shaking my head here :stuck_out_tongue:

Just teasing AD, but yours were pretty good.

  • I’ve done crappy ones as well, I’ll admit it.

The 2.5 thread has pretty much monopolized the feature announcement posts, in theory it won’t for much longer as it will have reached the end of the line when 2.59 comes out and the 2.5 project reaches completion (and thus going back to individual threads for feature announcements)

Lock camera to view.
Made my day.

ah wait QT is out? WTcrap.

What other format are you supposed to use for motion graphics with lossless compression?

Is it actually gone or did someone just build without it enabled?
You can always access the quicktime container via the ffmpeg option… not at my comp at the mo… probably easiest from the theora preset.

What’s wrong with just using image sequences?
Personally I only ever output movies if I’m just using the sequencer… safer for crashes.
I remember thinking it odd that getting an image sequence into final cut was an issue

Maybe that’s the MAC way… for now just convert in quick Time pro…

It is indeed dropped, it’s at the very bottom of the 2.58 changelog:

Windows Quicktime Support Dropped
For windows it has been decided that we should use FFMPEG for video and to drop quicktime support. This also means some image formats such as GIF and PSD will no longer load.

if PSD doesnt work you can still use .tiff. tiff is like psd.

…yes, apart from no support for layers :no:.

Tiff supports layers

Lock to view could have gone a bit further, couldn’t it ?
I mean when locked, switching to/out of ortho could switch the mode of that camera as well. And pressing NUM1, NUM3 or NUM7 should work too IMO.

“Images to Empties” is great.

It’s good that Quicktime is going, it’s limited to 32-bits on Windows, and if you’re not running OSx it’s really not very good.

outputting to a lossless image format and using an external application is the best solution as that way it doesn’t appear to the user that Blender has a feature which is broken (No mov outputting on 64-bit systems).

Not sure when the camera guides were added in, 57 or 58, but they are a very welcome feature, they work very well with trackball & lock to camera enabled.

Edit: Oh and TIFF, as far as I know, supports every single feature (except one minor, non-relevant one in this case) that the PSD format does. It’s also openly documented, so in a year or two it’ll still be around as a format.


of course can you output into image sequences, if you want to.

If they could establish a lossless compression format with alpha values for win/mac
it would be great, then QT would not be needed for that at all which is the
only reason for me.