Bu||[X] F1 contest entry - halo material and.. a bug?

In january 2008 Iaaf has sentenced that Oscar Pistorius (AKA the fastest man on no legs) is not eligible for the Olympic Games in China.

I did not intend to judge this decision or argument if it is correct or not in my opinion, but it has served me as an inspiration for the F1 contest of this year…

following this link you can find a mental map i’ve put together, the concept is about the ability, in a quite near future, of using robotic “prothesis” as alternative body parts for augmented capabilities in some areas.

the following image is a first result for a concept of “prothesy” specialized for racing puorpose (according to the introduction you will be able to change this whit your cyber-lower body part getting a kind of centaur being, hal human, half robot…)

let me know what do you think.


Interesting start. Looks very promising. You won the 2006 F1 challenge right?

yes, it seem my render have been really lucky that year…:wink:
this time seem to be more challenging…
I’m in a team whit an other italian blenderhead that will work on the human side of the thing…
thank you for your interest.

The mental map looks… weird, but the work in progress looks really promising. Looking forward to see how it evolves. I’m also curious to see how the team work turns out…

Hi bullx.
I am very glad to see you are joining the Challenge this year (although I am sure that other are not :wink: ).
Your concept made me think of the mutant pilot/roller skate toy (the one in Sid’s room) in the first “Toy Story”. Part human, part machine. This is an intriguing idea and I look forward to see what you do with it. Good luck!
Ciao for now!


I had some toys when I was a kid that were sets of humanoid and horse robots. You could mix and match the parts, and they were held in place with magnets. I can’t remember what they were called, but they were similar to the toy centaur robot in the mental map.


@UncleZeiv: yes it’s weird i know:o… it just was a quick reduction of a bigger brain storming i made to reach some (i hope) interesting concept, just something more than a super-aerodynamic-shape hope the model will be more impressive than the weird map

@CurtisS tanck you for this warm welcome, hope to be able to do my best.

@innactpro I guess you are talking about “micronauti” actually this was their name for the italian market, it was one of my favourite toy of all the times…

Wow given your spectacular 2006 winning entry I can’t wait to see what you create. Your entry “F1-uni” were one of the few pictures that inspired me to go into 3D modelling and design. :smiley:

Sorry if i am completely off-topic here, but since you give me this possibility i’ll use it:

Congratulation for yor 2006’s winning image !
I picked up BBlender a year ago, and this wonderfull picture has been a major motivation.
It has a story to tell: it is not only a technical job… Well done !

(I used it as a WP for a while too !)

team up?
that’s nice!! who’s the mate?

@Chris_N & Gwenouille thank you guys your words are so nice and gives a meaning to my effors learning, using and spreading blender…

@jazzroy this is a mistery at the moment, my friend.

i have a big fat bunny name in my mind…

@jazzroy wrong guess, i’m sorry, you are far far away from the solution… :wink:

Wow, very nice, I’m definately looking forward to the finished project. I’m liking the idea of it.


I would love to see some efforts from Mr. Selleri again, yes???

I also would love to , but he (AKA S68) seem disappeared also from our community kino3d…
the last post over there is in early 2006…:frowning:


a small update whit some halo material and a new color scheme.
let me know what you think, please…
the color scheme is going to change a lot of times…

The colors are striking. Is it supposed to be hoofless, or you just haven’t modeled them yet?

@innactpro : I just havent modelled them yet
i have a couple of ideas.

[ ! ] It seem i don’t have a team anymore (job affair, i’ve been advised)… hope to be able to finish mechanical part , find a collaborator and stay in the contest.

an other thing…
do you have a solution to this?
do you think it is a bug?

it so really easy to replicate that i suppose it is a bug…
just put something between camera and an object with halo material…