bubble chamber

Well, that’s it, a bubble chamber. Now you ask: What is a bubble chamber? It’s a procedure to approve the evidence of specified subatomic particles. The particles fly through the chamber and leave such funny lines of bubbles behind them.

It took me one weekend to model that lines from Bezier-Curves.


Veery nice!

Really original


Great job :smiley: I really like it :wink:

Good idea… I like these kinds of things…


Very surreal and a very original idea. Excellent work.


nice… the extreme DOF makes it look very small as it should be.

Umm, interesting trails you’ve got there :))

looks very nice. Could I see a real pic or your reference image? I never saw it before.

Thanks very much for your comments! :smiley:
I used this image as the background image to model it:


very nice. Reminds me of the XFiles and corn circles and UFOs! I’d like to know how you made this too.

very nice, complex, looks like heavy atom target with nucleon impact.

This is wonderful.

Awesome work.


frig me!! why didn’t you just use it as a texture on a flat plane? hmmm?

curves are cool… lovely atoms…

very cool… I thought the smaller pic in the thread was actually a reference pic (shows how Photo Realistic it seemed to me).

burnhard’s question makes me wonder: Did you set your bezier curves on a plane or is there nothing behind?

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Great stuff :smiley: