Bubble Gum - Short Animation

Here’s an animated short that I completed in four days:


And here’s a silhouette animation that I completed in one:


And a few others:





They’re both pretty good but there were some a bit mechanical movements in the animations. It seems to me that there are some “inbetweens” that are just blenders interpolation between keyframes. Might help to add some small variations in those parts.
Overall good work, especially considering the timeframe. Well done!

First of all, a big bravo for the ideas. I just love the bubble-gum one, for I have wasted a couple good pants on subway seats myself.
the silhouette one is also good, allthough just a bit too long for the punch-line.
But again, there’s a lot of work in your shorts, and this alone deserves cheers !
'Looking forward to seeing more of these ;-).

Thanks for the comments/critiques.

Ben_Lind: I completely agree with your critiques, I obviously have quite a lot to learn.

Bobi: Thanks

I’ve added some more animations to the first post.

The new ones are very well animated in my opinion and they even made me laugh. Good job! :slight_smile: