Bubble material

I am trying to edit my Origin (Pivot Point) to 3d Cursor in Edit Mode but it’s available only in Object Mode.
How do I change Origin in Edit Mode without going back to Object mode? … I am New to Blender

Simple answer: You can’t.


While @Anthony_Forwood is correct that the origin to cursor action doesn’t work in Edit Mode, if you are looking for a way to move the origin to a different location relative to your mesh, there is a way.

You can select all of your mesh data in Edit Mode with A and move it in to a new location while keeping your origin in the same place. I’m not sure if that gives you what you want, but it is a way.

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I don’t know the correct method or not. First i changed my 3d Cursor to the selected edge. Then press “Dot” key to Pivot/origin pie wheel. So i could changed origin to 3d cursor. is it correct?

It might help if we knew the why. It may be easier and faster in edit mode to use the 3D cursor. I have my 3D cursor set to Ctrl+right mouse. So I select a vert/verts, edge or face/faces etc. Ctrl+right click to move the cursor there. image
The “Transform Orientations” at the top center of the window set to 3D Cursor, the I can do any transform from that point.

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